Mom’s JAGAT Famous Punjabi Chole Bhature!

Jagat Famous Chole Bhature

CHOLE-BHATURE…. One is incomplete without the other!
When dark spicy Chole meet soft juicy, melt in the mouth bhature…it is truly a match made in heaven!

Mom’s JAGAT famous Chole, made with homemade Chana masala….are absolutely delicious, and a MUST try!!




Pressure cook kabuli chana with some kala namak till soft. Adding kala namak adds a unique taste to these Chole! Heat oil and and sauté a little sliced onion till golden brown.Then add the cooked chana along with the water in which it was boiled, roughly chopped tomatoes sliced ginger and sliced green chillies. Add My Chana Masala liberally or alternatively, add garam masala powder+anardana powder. Cook uncovered for at least 2 hours. Add tadka of ghee, hing, jeera and red chili powder. Just before serving add a twist of lime! Serve with Kulcha/bhatura/ Poori

Note: The addition of onions/ garlic is optional in the recipe. It was not in the original recipe, but I prefer to add just a little, as it helps make them more saucy! Also the chana should be cooked till the outer covering of the chana comes off and melts to form a smooth sauce! If water dries up before that u can add more water for cooking.image

For Chana masala

I strongly recommend using my recipe for Chana masala!


For garam masala:
Please try to dry roast garam masala mix at home and grind to make your own garam masala powder…ready made is useless! If you like you can try using my recipe for Garam Masala too!image

For anardana powder: (if you are using garam masala instead of the Chana masala)
Roast about 1/4 cup anardana seeds in a pan and then grind to a powder.

Note: All spices should be dry roasted till they acquire a deep color..only then do you get good garam masala/Chana masala and good black punjabi chole!



For the Bhatura dough

3 1/2 cup flour
1 cop sooji/semolina
2 tsp dry yeast
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp oil
warm water mixed with sour curd to make dough

Make a smooth but slightly loose dough of above ingredients. Cover and keep in warm place for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours till it doubles in size. Chill dough in the refrigerator, this helps relax gluten and reduce shrinkage while rolling and frying! Divide dough into balls. Roll into thin pooris. Deep fry quickly in scorching hot oil. It is important to use very hot oil to minimize the shrinking of bhaturas. Serve hot with garma garam Chole! Unused dough can be refrigerated & reused.


  1. hello ruchi,
    how much sour curd and warm water did u use for kneeding the dough? i tried the chole yesterday. they were devine!! keep up the good work.all ur recipes r too good and so easy to make and so nicely explained.

    • You can make a thin buttermilk kind of solution using sour yoghurt and water and use that to make the dough. The amount of water will vary according to climatic conditions and quality of flour.

  2. This recipe is soooo good! Made it on a lazy Sunday, and even my 5 year old was licking his lips after he polished off his plate! 🙂

  3. Why to cook chole for 2 hours, as it is already boiled n cooked. Also, to make chana masala, I don’t have badi elaichi. Is there any substitute for it, or can I omit it?

    • Just omit the elaichi. As for the long cooking time, you do this so that the outer covering of the Chana melts into a smooth sauce and the spices penetrate and flavor the Chana well!

  4. Loved the recipe! delicious and easy to prepare 🙂

  5. How much onion and tomatoes and channa masala or garam masala do you put for 1 cup of uncooked channa.Thx

  6. Ruchi I just made the Cholay Kah Masala and it was just superb…true better than any store bought one!

  7. Your Chana Masala & Garam Masala recipe is not opening 🙁 . It shows error always . can you mail me your Chana masala and Gram masala recipe please . Thank you

  8. Hi Ruchi,
    I have tried some of your recipes and they are just too good. Thanks for sharing them.?

  9. For the chhole masala, what is khadi lal mirch? Is that whole dried red chillies?
    Also, can I sub anardana powder for anardana seeds? What would the amount be in that case?
    I’ve made your recipe twice and it was delicious both times. I had to guess the red chilli but but it was fine. Thank you!

  10. Hi Ruchi, If we dont have time to make the chole masala, do you recommend any store bought alternative.. any tried and tested brand that would work well with this recipe?
    Thanks a ton!!

    • I would suggest using a combination of garam masala and Anardana powder as a replacement of my Chana masala.

  11. Hi ruchi, I planning to make this chole for my son’s birthday party tommorrow, this is the first time Iam going to prepare for 15 people . Can u tell me the measurement for uncooked chole , onion , ginger garlic paste , tomatoes and the spice powder measurements . Sorry to trouble u. U can give me a rough idea . Thanks . Wil surely share my feedback on how it turned. Fingers crossed :-))

    • Apologies … I didn’t get to this message in time. I am making this tomorrow, will record exact quantities and share with you.

  12. Hi. I would like to try making this. May I know how much chans (Chloe), onions, tomatoes I need. Please if you can break the recipe into measurements, though I’m Punjabi (ben living in US since 8) I can’t cook, so,I need help with how much to use of each. I like your fb page to get updates. Thx so much

  13. Hi Ruchi this is the 1st recipe i tried from blog… I tried the chole & bathura both n i loved it the concept of slow cooking is truly the best part

  14. What if before 2 hours the water is evporated ? Can we put more water in between?/

  15. Tried this recipe for the first time and was a total hit! thank you for doing sharing it and please pass on the thanks to your mom too!

  16. A wonderful recipe! The aroma of the whole spices used in channa masala was sure enough to make me feel hungry!! Simply loved the chole ??

  17. nice images and recipe of chole-bhature. it’s a very tasty food. thanks for sharing.

  18. I tried them and came out very well.. Really easy receipe..