Mom’s Famous All-Star Khasta Nankhatais

Step-by-step detailed recipe for…Rich crumbly melt in the mouth Khasta Nankhatais!
Mom’s all-star irresistibly decadent recipe that’s been tried and tested and applauded so many times that I’ve lost count!! Not one where you would search for the healthy quotient…this is one recipe that feeds the soul! 🙂
An absolute must in the festive season!

2 katori maida
1 katori sooji
1/2 katori besan
1 1/2 to 2 katori ghee (semi solid)
the quantity of ghee might vary…use as much as is necessary to bring the dough together using absolutely no water!
1 1/2 katori sugar (powdered)
Elaichi powder
Pistachios (coarsely pounded)

Measure the maida, sooji besan and sugar.
Transfer to a big bowl.
Pour in about 1 1/2 cup ghee in the middle of the flour mix
Gently rub the ghee into the flour using your finger tips… till it resembles fine crumbles.
Now bring the dough together by pressing little balls of dough together. Do not over work the dough.
Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Once the dough has rested in the refrigerator. Unwrap and break small balls of the cool dough. Make small flat balls/ Pedas using the palms of your hand
Now using your finger tips smoothen out edges making sure they are no cracks
Once you shape the Nankhatais into Pedas, place them on a thali/cookie sheet (do not use non stick as it results in over browning of the base). Do not overcrowd, as they expand and spread out while baking
Using a knife, cut a cross in the middle of each Peda
Gently press some elaichi powder and pistachios in the middle.
A close up of how your Nankhatai Pedas should look at this stage
Now rest the Thali/baking sheet with the Pedas in the refrigerator.
After 15 minutes take out of fridge and Bake in a 375F oven for about 15-18 minutes.
Cool on a wire rack before handling and then store in an air tight container.
Nankhatai Take 2IMG_7118


  1. Hello Ruchi.. Quick help I tried now doing nankhatiyas but it came soft when I removed from oven right away.. I need to wait to become hard or you want me to still bake ? I baked for almost 23 mins

    • 23 minutes is too much baking time!
      Next time allow them to cool, they harden as they cool!!

  2. Hey Ruchi, can I add butter instead of ghee in the recipe?

  3. Hi..looking so pretty. .quick qtn here. many in a batch could u make using the measurements given above?

  4. Hi,
    Can i use wheat flour instead of maida and what should be the proportion.

  5. Can we use unsalted butter instead of ghee?

  6. Hey Ruchi..
    can we make it using wheat flour and if yes then do we need to add any thing extra like baking soda?

  7. Hey Ruchi,

    I tried these it came out perfect. Thanks for the reciepe?

  8. Hi, you mentioned don’t keep on non stick pan after making pedas. You mean even to bake? I have only non stick pans, is it okay if I place them on parchment paper placed on the pan?

  9. Can i directly back it on backing tray without butterpaper?

  10. I love this recipe! Just blogged about it on my site 🙂 Hope you dont mind 🙂

    • As long as you gave appropriate credit to your source! 🙂
      Will appreciate a mention of with the recipe too!

  11. Ruchi, I am going to try them, although Im not pro at cooking :). My question is if not on non-stick cookie sheet, then can I bake them on silicon mat kept on the cookie sheet? If not, how did you bake your cookies? I have everything non-stick….
    Also, can i substitute sooji with something else? I don’t usually buy sooji. Thanks!

    • I would suggest using a steel thali or plate then…and please do use sooji, it’s important for this recipe.

  12. Lovely recipe.
    Can I use microwave instead of oven?
    If yes, please tell me the time required.

  13. Hi Ruchi
    Can u plz tell d baking temp in celcious n time accordingly

  14. I tried this recipe today. I think I used a tad bit extra ghee, so the nankhatai spread out more than it should. haven’t tasted it yet, hopefully it will be as good as it looks in your photos. Awesome and easy recipe. Thanks!

  15. Hey Ruchi,
    Have already subscribed to your blog, but tried this recipe for the first time. They came out very very yummy. All friends and family went gaga over it. Thank you very much. I also pointed them to your blog. Now I will try all ur recipes!

  16. Hi Ruchi..
    Do I need to preheat oven or directly set oven for 375 & bake.

    Guddi Vaishnav

  17. Hi Ruchi !!’ I tried this and result is awesome !PM you thru fb plz check !!!! Thankss 🙂

  18. I was missing Naankhatai n hoping that that for Diwali have some homemade sweets. Tried it today came out soo good. Thanks for detailed instruction.

  19. Hi Ruchi,
    I tried your recipe but nan khatai didnt get fluffy and after 15 mins they became brown from bottom but soft on top… 🙁

    • Two things…first you must not bake on non stick bake ware…as it leads to over browning from the bottom. Next the temperature of ghee should be such that it remains semisolid…not completely melted!
      Also when baked, the Nankhatais are soft. As they cool, they harden. Allow them to cool slightly on bakeware, before handling.
      Wish you better luck next time.

  20. Hey Ruchi, they look delicious!!!
    I want to bake them today.
    Have a quick question, can I bake them on steel plate/Thali? Meaning can I put it in the oven? Never used steel plate inside the oven before. Awaiting your reply:))

  21. I don’t see any baking agent in the recipe ? ? Pls let me know if it bakes without it ..
    I’m not pro at baking though, thus asking this question. Very much looking forward to trying this recipe.

  22. I prepared these today for the diwali festival and it turned out so yummy. Thanks ruchi for such a wonderful recipe

  23. Ruchi !! Is 1 katori = 1cup

  24. Hi the Nankhatais cane out great.Bit have a doubt here Do we need to roast the sooji before adding to the flour, as i could get the raw feeling of rava after baking though these were absolutely crunchy n delicious. can I powder the sooji and add?

    • We never roast sooji before using it for the Nankhatais. If you find the raw taste, just bake for a few extra minutes.

  25. Can I use coconut oil (solid state) instead of ghee?

  26. Hi Ruchi,
    Can I use All-purpose flour instead of maida?

  27. Hi Ruchi,
    I love this recipe. I have tried this recipe many a times and it has turned out awesome each time. I have run out of fine sooji. Can I use coarse sooji instead? Thanks in advance

  28. Can I replace Besan with anything else? My kid is allergic to it and can I use vegan butter/ margarine instead of ghee?

    • Instead of besan, you can add more maida. As far as butter / margarine is concerned, I have not tried these substitutions so can’t say.

  29. Hi Ruchi

    Can I use oil instead of ghee.

  30. Hi do we follow the same heating instructions for baking in the convection mode of a microwave? And should we preheat the oven or its not required.

  31. Hi..I made these today and the bottom got brown though I put them on a parchment paper over a cookie tray…any tips here? But they taste heavenly..

  32. Hello Ruchi! I tried your recipe and I even posted a few queries but somehow I can’t find my comment anymore ! Could you help me with my queries?

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  34. Hey Ruchi …is it safe to use steel plate in oven?

  35. If I don’t have a steel plate what is the alternate for baling these nankatai
    thanks a lot

  36. Is 1 katori = 1 cup?

  37. How much is 1 kator?i is it 1 cup?

  38. What kind of all purpose flour is recommended. Bleached or unbleached ?

  39. What should be the temperature if baking in convention microwave?

  40. Can put thali in oven?

  41. Hi Ruchi..
    You did not add any raising agent like baking soda/powder in this recipe.. that’s not required?

  42. I made this
    They wer r d best nankhatai i ever had
    God bless u

  43. Hi Ruchi. Is there no need to add baking powder to this recipe? Should we use very fine Suji or normal Suji for this recipe? Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe ??

  44. My daughter is allergic to besan. Please let me know if this can be made without it and what should be the ratio. Thank you.

  45. Thank you so much for lovely recipe! Made for the first time and was a great hit. Hubby loved it .