Oven-fried Smashed Potatoes

Crispy Crrrunchy baby potatoes without deep frying…now isn’t that wonderful!

Oven Fried Smashed Potatoes


  • Baby potatoes/yukon gold potatoes
  • Some kind of wooden or metal press
  • Seasoning and spices of your choice
  • Oil


Boil potatoes till fork tender.

While the potatoes are still warm. ..press potatoes gently to flatten slightly.

Take care to not put too much pressure so as break them completely apart.

Preheat oven at it’s highest setting. Place the flattened potatoes in a baking pan

Sprinkle with your choice of salt and seasonings. I used salt, black pepper, paprika and chatmasala.

Drizzle liberally with olive oil/mustard oil.

Using your finger tip …rub in the seasoning really well.

Broil the seasoned potatoes till crisp! This usually takes about 20 minutes. Flip potatoes mid-way.

Serve hot as a delicious appetizer or an interesting side with your fav entree.


  1. Would love to try this! How long do you broil the potatoes for?