Sausage Linguini/spaghetti

A fun, do-it-yourself for the kids!
Me & my kids tried our hands at this wonderful idea. It was such a big hit….that the neighbor’s kids joined us for dinner too! A must try!!

Cut cooked sausage/hotdogs (vegetarians can use tofu hotdogs) into 1 inch pieces. Pierce each piece with raw pasta sticks. Cook pasta in boiling water with some salt and a touch of oil. Drain. Toss in some chopped sun dried tomatoes, drizzle in some EVOO and garnish with fresh parsley. Sprinkle some Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese if you like>

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  1. Ruchi,
    I had tried this last year when you posted the recipe on Epicurean group for my college going kids. They loved it. I try most of your recipes as they are so good. I am fond of cooking also but I am not good at taking pictures & posting.