Soft Kulche for Chole/Mathra




Warm melt-in-the mouth soft Kulche, with spicy Chole/Mathra are my absolute favorite! A lighter healthier alternative to deep fried Pooris and Bhaturas, they are also a great option for lunch boxes, picnics or traveling as they can be enjoyed even at room temperature.
Make a big batch and serve them at your next party or even freeze them to use at your convenience these Kulchas make your life easy any-which-way!image

I have been making these kulchas for almost 20 years now to considerably good results. Have even posted my go-to-recipe for them. But recently I tried my friend Reem’s famous Kulcha recipe to even more fabulous results! So here I am sharing it with all you….friends Reem’s recipe is absolutely fool-proof and will give you flawless results every single time! 🙂
I like them best warmed up with a touch of butter and served with Mom’s Famous JAGAT Famous Chole Or my Zero-Oil No-Onion No-Garlic Pindi Chana…YUMMMMMMY!image


4 cups flour
2 tsp Active Instant Dry Yeast
3 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Salt
2 cups Luke warm Milk
1/4 cup Luke warm water
2 tbsp oil
Some kalonji seeds or finely chopped dhania and hari mirch for garnish

Whisk flour to aerate.image

Only then measure out required quantity.image

This step is very important, as you end up with more flour than is needed for the recipe. Below I show how much extra I ended up with, when I measured without whisking!image

Next add sugar to the warm waterimage

And the yeast,image

Leave covered for 10 min till it becomes frothy.image

Now add the salt,image

Along with the yeast solution to the flour,image

And the milk.image

Using a wooden spoon bring the dough together…image

into a sticky mass.image

Cover and keep for 10 minutes to Autolyse.image

Remove cover..dip fingers in oilimage

Pinch dough and stretch will see the gluten developing.image

Bring pinched dough into the middle, from all sides…moving in a concentric circle.image

Continue pinching and folding the sticky dough,image

Dipping fingers in oil, intermittently.image

Keep working the dough for 5-6 minutes…till it starts to come together and the sides start to become some what cleanimage

When you lift dough, it should now be, just a little sticky.image

Transfer to a greased bowl.image

Bring the dough together, from all sides and pinch ends together.image

Flip to bring smooth side on top and spray lightly with oil.
Cover with a damp cloth or plastic wrap and leave aside for an hour.image

After one hour, the dough will more than double.image

Punch dough lightly, bring sides together and pinch ends, flip to bring smooth side up.
At this stage if you want, you can refrigerate dough in a large zip lock bag for 2-3 days.image

If using right away…transfer dough to a work surface sprayed lightly with oil.image

Cut dough into 18 equal pieces.image

Spray your hands with oil and squish each piece gently.image

Pat with fingers to spread.image

Bring edges into the middle, moving in a concentric circle.image

Pinch edges to seal.image

Flip to bring smooth surface on top. Repeat with all the 18 pieces. Spray them lightly with oil.image

Spread each piece into a small flat disc,
And then cover with a damp cloth and let dough rest for 10 minutes.image

Now pat each disc, to form thin circular kulchas.image

Transfer to greased aluminum bake ware (I use steel thalis)
Avoid using non-stick, if you want soft white kulchas!
Sprinkle with kalonji seeds if you like.image

Press kulchas lightly with finger tips, to predss topping in and adjust shape.image

If you like, you can sprinkle with finely chopped green chilies and dhania, like I do.image

Preheat oven at 450F or whatever is the highest your oven allows. Place Kulcha trays on middle rack and bake for 5-6 minutes.image

Then transfer trays to bottom rack and bake for another 2 minutes if you want the bottom cooked further.image

Now remove kulchas from oven and cool on wire rack.image

Once cool, they can be stored in an air tight container or zip lock. If you like you can even freeze them for later use.image

For serving, heat a tava or non stick pan, warm the kulchasimage

applying a little butter if you like…image

Serve warm with Choleimage

or Mathra

or even simple Alu ki Rase-wali Sabzi…Mmmm so delicious!


  1. Beautifully explained!

    They look amazing, Ruchi!

    And its an honour for me, that you tried my jugaad recipe, even though you have been making them for so long.

    ? ? ?

  2. Minakshi bhaumik

    I would like to make dem soon ,as dey look so deliouses.

  3. Sounds so delicious although long process. I will for sure try.

    • Really appreciate your efffort. You expalin things so patiently. I am definitely going to try these kulchas. Kepp it up !!

  4. Hi beautiful looking kulchas. what temp did u bake the kulchas at?

  5. Ruchi…thank you for the detailed recipe..goin to make soon ….?

  6. Thanks forthe detailed recipe. Will surely try sometime soon

  7. Hi Ruchi…what is whisking flour. Is it sieving? ?

  8. Is it OK to put steel thalis in oven like u did?

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  10. Could u pls give an alternate for yeast since i dont get it here..

  11. Hey…. I loved this idea… great for thanksgiving dinner 🙂

  12. Hi , great recipe .I made it and just wanna know after cooling how much days I can store it and in which way?do I have to freeze it or in air tight container I can keep it outside

    • You can keep it outside in a plastic bag for two days, in the fridge for 4-5 days, or freeze it for up to 3 months.

  13. Hi Ruchi! I tried the recipe with whole wheat flour and they turned out perfect. Also broiled them at 500F in the oven. All my family enjoyed them very much. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

    Can you plz tell me if this recipe can be scaled.

  14. Great recipe… I made them for my guests tonight… have not tried them yet! But they look great… just a little thinner… next time I will make them thicker!

  15. Cannot wait to try them Ruchi.

  16. Hi Ruchi
    Can I substitute milk for soya milk or Almond Milk? I need to make dairy free kulchas for a friend. Many thanks Archana

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  18. I tried these and they came out perfect!!

  19. Tried this recipe. Came out perfect. Missing these since many years. Thanks Ruchi

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