Store Curry leaves for +1 month

Fresh Curry Leaves/Kari Patta….a must have for so many of our recipes!
Below is a pic of leaves that I purchased 5 weeks ago!
You could dry them and use. Here is a pic of some I tried drying in my pantry…but they lose much of their color and aroma.
But having fresh curry leaves ready-at-hand is easier said than done. It requires a special trip to the Indian supermarket, which is not always convenient or possible!
So what’s the answer?
How can we store curry leaves so that they retain their color and freshness?
So here’s my simple tried tested tip for you! 🙂
Carefully remove curry leaves from sealed plastic bag.
Try keep the leaves intact on the stem. Do not wash!
Take a tall clean glass bottle. Wipe clean making sure it is moisture free.
Insert the stems (with leaves intact) inside the bottle.
Close lid tight.
Store in the fridge,I keep in the door of the fridge.
Use as needed….these leaves will keep fresh from 4-5 weeks!


  1. Gonna try this …thanks

  2. THanks for the beautiful tip

  3. I used to store them in freezer and I also have a big plant but I am try this next time I get a bag.