The Paneer Maker…..Unveiled!

Available at steel utensil stores in India, this simple device helps you make extra firm paneer that can be cut, sliced and used as you like!

The Paneer Maker is a perforated steel container with a removable base and a top lid.Just strain curdled cheese and place inside the container, close top lid. Put a heavy weight on top of lid and keep aside. After about an hour or so….flip container and slide out nice firm cheese, ready to use as needed!
PS: Here you see Paneer rolled in dry chilli-garlic seasoning!

Note: for detailed process to learn how to make Paneer with step by step collage go to…
The joy of making Paneer


  1. Aren’t the holes in the stainless steel bowl too big? Won’t the whey and the paneer all flow out of the holes? Maybe the holes just look big in the picture.

    • I usually line it with some plastic wrap, helps in keeping the paneer moist and the process more mess free!

  2. Do you put the whey and the paneer in a cheese cloth first, remove the whey and then put it in the paneer maker? If you just put plastic bags in the paneer maker and pour the whey on it, how will it drain? Just curious. I might buy one of these but want to make sure I know how it works.

  3. I bought one of these and alot of paneer comes out from the holes, alot of wastage, is there a proper way to use the paneer maker?