Tinde ki Subzi

Found some delicious fresh Tinde (a rarity here), cooked them just the way mom would…with a little bite to them…Yummmm! Nothing like simple fresh home cooked food! 🙂image
How to buy:
The quality of the Tinde you buy is extremely important! You must buy Tinde that are not too big and have a white fuzzy growth on them! If their outer skin is smooth, they are overripe, tough and full of seeds, no point bothering with them!


How to prep:
Gently scrape the outer skin (do not peal) with a knife. Wash and cut into half and slice length ways.

How to cook:
In a pressure cooker heat 2 tsp of ghee. Add jeera followed by grated ginger & green chilli. Cook for a minute. Then add the sliced Tinda along with some crushed tomato.
Also add haldi, salt & red chilli powder to taste.
Add a light sprinkling of water and pressure cook for exactly one whistle. Open in 5 minutes…sprinkle some freshly chopped dhania…ready. Enjoy with fresh soft rotis!

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  1. simple easy love ur recipes!!