Vada Pau Inspired Sandwiches!

Calling all Vada Pau Lovers….Bold Spicy Sanwiches that pack a hefty punch! The perfect accompaniment to a big glass of chilled Thandai…spiked with bhaang or not your choice! πŸ˜‰
Inspiration: Atul Sikand
Assemble all components of the sandwich…
Bread slices, Besan batter, hari chutney, garlic chutney pwdr and alu filling.
Now spread red garlic chutney pwdr on one slice of bread
And hari chutney on the other.
Spread a liberal layer of alu filling on top of the red garlic chutney pwdr slice.
Top with the green chutney slice to form a sandwich.
Spread a thin layer of besan on the top side of the sandwich and place on hot pan with besan side touching the pan. Drizzle a little oil and cook till golden.
While the sandwich is cooking, spread a thin layer of besan on the other side of the sandwich too.
Once bottom layer is golden, flip sandwich to cook on other side too.
Press seal sandwich to get a nice sear and meld flavors.
Transfer to cutting board. Cut into triangles..
Serve hot or at room temperature…these sandwiches taste yumm either way!
For the potato filling
Roughly pound ginger, garlic and green chillies to a coarse paste. Heat oil, add rai, Kari patta and the chilli paste.
Cook for a minute, add mashed potatoes, haldi and salt followed by lots of freshly chopped dhania. Mix to combine.

For the besan batter
Make a thick batter using besan, water, salt, red chili pwdr, haldi and a hefty pinch of baking pwdr….ready.

For the Chutneys
For the green chutney
Grind fresh dhania, with green chillies and a small piece of ginger. Add salt, a little sugar and lemon juice to taste.

For the dry garlic chutney
Grind khopra (dry coconut) garlic and red chilli powder. Heat oil and roast the mix for a couple of minutes. Mix in some crushed besan boondi to add bulk, and some salt to taste…..ready.

imagePS: These sandwiches taste great pan seared…crisp!
But they are delicious even plain served raw, without the besan covering!!


  1. awesome!Mouth watering!

  2. Made these for breakfast this morning (:-d, couldn’t wait until weekend tea-time).. Turned out so yummy and definitely not even half as sinful as the original dish.. Thanks … I love your recipes

  3. Shaheen Fernandes

    OMG! I accidentally found your site. What amazing recipes. Thank you…keep them coming.

  4. Ruchi, this delicious.My husband who is a big vada pav fan loved this version. Thank you!

  5. Hi Ruchi.. tried the dry garlic chutney recipe. It’s yummy :). Thanks a lot for the great recipe.

  6. Hi ruchi,
    I m your big fan….i m gonna try this for my pot luck….i hv 1questions will it become soggy if I made them 2 to 3 hrs before the party?
    Thank u waiting for reply πŸ™‚

  7. I have tried it has normal sandwich with besan covering and shallow fry.The vada pau idea is inviting.will try this too.

  8. Tried n tasted was yummy..thank u for ur recipe..