Vrat Dosa Batter

Soft juicy Uttapam…imageor Crisp Paper Dosas…imageor Masala Dosas filled with spicy potato filling!imageOr you can make crrrispy lacy Rava Dosas!All you have to do is thin the batter to a watery consistancy. Add 1/2 tsp each of cumin and black pepper, 1 tsp miced ginger n green chilli and some chopped fresh dhania. Pour batter over very hot tava. Cover for a couple of minutes. Dab with ghee/oil. and cook till crisp!You can enjoy these different types of dosas, even during your days of fasting with this All-purpose Vrat Dosa Batter.But wait…with this batter, you can also make amazingly fluffy melt-in the mouth idlis.All you have to do us add a tsp of eno to the batter in each batch of idlis before steaming them for 10 min. Then rest idlis for 5 minutes to air them out. Unmould using a wet spoon and enjoy!Inspiration: Radha S NatrajanMethod:Wash drain and soak 1 cup Sama Chawal (Vrat Chawal) along with 3/4 cup sabudana for 4 hours. Then drain almost all the water.imageGrind mix along with 1/2 inch ginger, 2 green chilliesimageand also add about 1/2 cup dahi along with salt to taste.imageLet the ground mix ferment overnight. This mix will not swell up as much as regular Dosa batter…but when you smell it, if it has a pleasant fermented smell, it’s ready for use.imageFor Uttapam..
Heat non-stick Tawa, wipe clean with wet paper towel. Spread a thick layer. Sprinkle dhania, green chillies, tomatoes etc on top. Drizzle a few drops of oil.imageCover with a lid and let cook for 2-3 minutes….imageTill it steams a little from the top and the bottom becomes golden.imageserve immediately along with peanut coconut chutney.imageMmm..fasting or not you will love this recipe! 🙂imageFor Plain Dosa…
Heat non-stick Tawa, wipe clean with wet paper towel. Spread the batter in close concentric circles. Drizzle a few drops of oil.Cook on high heat till bottom is golden.Fold n serve…along with peanut coconut chutney.imageFor Masala Dosa…
Heat non-stick Tawa, wipe clean with wet paper towel. Spread the batter in thin concentric circles.drizzle a few drops of oil.
Cook on high heat till bottom starts to become golden. Spread a generous layer of potato filling. Fold n serve with peanut coconut chutney. If you like, you can also serve the potato masala on the side along with tbe chutney.

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