Day 6 of My Desi Detox!


April 21, 2016

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Day 6 is another protein packed day!
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Started the day with a double dose of power-packed protein.
Breakfast was soft scrambled eggs with a side of lightly steamed moong sprouts and a cup of warm milk.

Lunch was a big bowl of simple lauki Mangori (moong dal bari) ki sabzi.
This was accompanied by some Roasted Baingan ka Raita leftover from yesterday.

Evening, I had a cup of warm milk that helped carry me over to dinner.

Dinner was Mom’s Masala Paneer which I enjoyed both plain and pan-seared.
This was followed by a hearty Mexican salad made with red beans, corn, avocados, tomatoes….Mmmm!

It was tossed in my delicious homemade low-fat Mexican dressing which helped me keep an eye on the amount of oil going into it!

I sailed through Day 6 quite easily, enjoying the different delicious protein-rich ideas I cooked for each meal.

This time around, I did not feel like cooking meat or fish…however the vegetarian alternatives were equally satisfying! 🙂

Previous Account of Day 6 of Detox

The focus for Day 6 this time, was on healthy creations with egg, fish and chicken 🙂

My day started with a pretty sunny-side egg cooked in a bell pepper ring, served alongside gently sautéed vegetables.
The soft rich gooey egg along with the sweet crunchy pepper made a great flavor combo!
Lunch was healthy Fish Shaami kababs, made from steamed fish!
A quick simple flavorful dish that is a great alternative to the traditional version…delicious flaky & light.
Evening snack was a cup of milk with some sliced apple.

Dinner was Roasted Cauliflower Soup topped with carmalized onions and mushrooms and finished with a few drops of Herb oil.
This was accompanied by a couple of pieces of Tandoori Chicken made without using a single drop of oil!
Each meal was a treat to the eye, huge on flavor, yet mindful to stay within the detox allowances! Who says detox cannot be a little indulgent 🙂

Tomorrow will be the final day of detox, where we reintroduce complex carbs into our diet! It’s strange but even after spending the last 6 days without carbs, I feel absolutely no cravings for them! But definitely looking forward to my glass of wine 😉

The day started off with a delicious breakfast of Steam-poached Egg and Sprouts Salad.
image image
Lunch was melt-in-the mouth Dahi ke Kabab
Followed by a dinner of juicy succulent Fish Tikka with a simple cut salad!
Each meal was a celebration of a different kind of protein…with the fish tikka at the end stealing the show!
Tomorrow brings complex carbs along with a glass or two of wine…can’t wait!! 🙂

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