Homemade Dry Vada Mix


Indulgence Balanced with Portion Control!
Enjoy Vadas….as little or as much as you want with my homemade vada mix. And say cheers to health n happy living!
This dry vada mix, combines taste, health and ease of use!
Many times, we long for our fav treats like fried medu vadas or dahi vadas. But making them in small quantities poses problems in grinding in the home mixers. And when we do make them in large quantity, we either end up over-indulging, or having to freeze leftovers!
This is where the dry vada mix comes to your rescue….
Soak only as much mix as you need to make, not to say the time saved in grinding the dal, each time you want to fry them! 🙂
And best of all…No rising agents or preservatives used, isn’t that fantastic!

Wash, drain and spread udad dal on clean cloth/papertowel. Set to dry in a cool dry spot. Once completely dry, it’s ready to be ground into the vada mix.
Grind the washed and dried udad dal in a dry grinder into a powder.
I left a slight texture (not too coarse though). Store the ground mix in air tight container, until ready to use.
image image
When you want to make vadas…
Mix desired quantity with water to make a thick paste.
I used the proportion of 1/2 cup dal mix and 3/4 cup water.
Let the mix rest for 1/2 hour. It will thicken as the ground dal swells in the water.
After half hour whip the mixture with an electric beater till light n frothy and almost doubles in volume. At this stage I used a light sprinkle of water as my mix seemed too tight.
After whipping, the mix should resemble thickly whipped cream, as shown in the above picture.
If you are looking to make Dahi vadas your batter is ready!
Shape into vadas,
Slide into hot oil and fry till lightly golden.
Then take out vadas on paper towel to drain oil.
Once cool, soak in warm salted water for 15-20 minutes.
Then press between palms to squeeze out water.
Dip in dahi seasoned with salt, red chili powder and bhuna jeera powder.
Serve with a generous drizzle of imli ki chutney.
PS: is you like you can also add grated ginger and minced green chillies to the batter.

For making Medu Vadas…
Add finely chopped onions, green chillies, chopped dhania and salt to taste. Also add a tsp of atta (helps in giving crisp exterior and beautiful golden look to the vadas)
Now shape into vadas, slide into hot oil and fry till a deep golden.
Rest for a couple of minutes on a paper towel.
Serve hot with cool coconut chutney or hot Sambhar or Rasam!


  1. Beautifully presented Ruchi. I can see your dry grinder. I thought you just got one jar. Way to go girl!!

  2. divya jhawar

    Hi …. This is awesum recipe… thanks for sharing. I have one ques .. is pre washinng necessary .. if the daal is clean can we ssimmple just grinnd it ?

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