Kathal Ka Achar with Grated Mango

image Mera Sabse Manpasand Achar….that elevates any meal to new heights!
I Enjoy it best with simple food like Khichdi or Dal Chawal!

1 kg Raw Kathal cut into small pieces
1kg raw grated mango
250 gms salt
100 gms rai ki daal
50 gms methi seeds (coarsely ground)
Hing, haldi, lal mirchi pwdr to taste
Sarson oil
Heat mustard oil, flash fry kathal, keep aside.
Cool oil to luke warm, and then add all spices.
When completely cool add the fried kathal and the grated mango. Keep in sun for 2-3 days. Top up with more oil if needed!
PS: This Achar needs to be completely submerged in oil!!

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