Samak ke Chawal ki kheer

This kheer is thick creamy and tastes just like rice kheer….but way better!

My father-inlaw’s fav, he especially looks forward to enjoying it, this time of the year.

To make this kheer, you will need….

3 tbsp samak ke chawal

2 tsp ghee

8 cups full fat milk (1/2 gallon)

Sugar as per your taste

3-4 pieces of green cardamom

2-3 tbsp of sliced almonds and pistachios.


Heat ghee and roast samak ke chawal for 2 minutes.

Add the milk and simmer on medium heat, stirring frequently.

Add coarsely pounded cardamom seeds and cook till thick n creamy.

Add sugar to taste and transfer to serving bowl. Bring to room temperature, sprinkle sliced almonds and pistachios.

Chill in refrigerator and then serve!

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