Summer Meal Idea 4


June 30, 2014

Summer Meal Idea 4
Delicious Veggi Burgers with a South-Western Twist…this burger has complex layers of flavor and texture that come together beautifully to make the Ultimate Veggi Burger! Hearty chick pea patties, creamy avacado, tangy tomatoes and delicate pea shoots all sandwiched between layers of zesty sour cream! A fun summer meal idea that will be enjoyed by kids & adults alike! Team it with tangy Sprout n Fruit Coleslaw and some cool refreshing Watermelon Martinis and you have your family shouting Hurrah! 🙂
For recipes
Ultimate Veggi Burgers
Tangy Fruit n Sprout Coleslaw
Refreshing Watermelon Martinis

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