Moong Dal Halwa

Moong ki Dal ka Halwa, rich indulgent and festive, it’s a welcome treat for any celebration!

Making this halwa is a challenging exercise, but here I share a few tips n tricks that will help you master this delicious treat!

Also my version of the halwa is much more appetizing as it reduces the calorie count of the dish and makes it easier to digest by getting rid of 1/3rd amount of ghee.


1 kg moong ki dhuli dal (yellow)

1 kg sugar

1 kg ghee

4 tbsp atta/besan

1/2 cup Sliced almonds

1 tsp ground cardamom.


Wash and soak Moong dal in water overnight.

Next morning, grind using little water.

Grind 2/3 dal super fine. And 1/3 daal, slightly coarse (dardara).

Heat ghee on medium heat.

Add the atta…

and cook stirring continuously for a minute.

This step, later prevents the dal from sticking to the base of the pan…a problem often encountered, while roasting the dal.

Add the ground dal, reduce heat to low

and cook stirring very often…

till oil starts appearing on top.

Then increase heat to medium low and cook, stirring often till dal acquired a rich caramel color.

Take off heat and let dal cool slightly. While the dal cools, leave dal undisturbed so that the excess ghee floats on top.

Tip the dal slightly and drizzle excess ghee away.

This ghee can be used for cooking purposes, so no need to discard.

I was able to remove about a cup of ghee, which also means less calories consumed while enjoying the halwa! 🙂

Next boil 1 1/2 litre water along with 1kg sugar, and the ground cardamom stirring to dissolve sugar.

Once the sugar syrup comes to full boil, mix with the roasted dal and cook on medium heat…stirring continuously, till thick.

Sprinkle the sliced nuts…and its ready!

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