Quinoa-Chana Dal ki Khichdi

imageimageChane ki dal ki khichdi is a common brunch in most Punjabi households….here’s a delicious nutritious twist to the all time classic!
Quinao-Chana Dal ki khichdi…give it a try, you’ll love it!

Wash, drain and soak 1/2 cup chana daal and 1/2 cup quinoa in warm water for an hour. Heat ghee, add 1 tsp jeera, 2 tsp minced ginger & green chillies and cook for a minute. Add soaked drained daal and Quinao (or equal quantity of rice).
Add double the quantity of water and salt to taste.
Bring water to boil…
reduce heat, place cover and simmer
till all the water evaporates about 30 minutes.
Take off heat, rest with cover on for another 15 minutes….garnish with freshly chopped dhania, ready to eat!
Note: The Chana dal should be cooked through but still retain it’s shape and the quinoa should be soft with little sprouts coming out from each seed.
Below is a picture of Quinoa for easy reference….

Below is the pic of Chane ki dal ki khichdi..as it’s made traditionally, with white rice!


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  1. I actually tried this today. It was awesome!!!! My husband and I absolutely loved it. Quinoa easily replaces rice.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea.