Gluten-Free Rotis

Making Gluten-free Rotis have proved to be a trial for the best of us. Sometimes the atta doesn’t bind, at other times it becomes a sticky mess. And if you get the dough right…it breaks and falls apart while rolling!However I bring to you my tried and tested recipe along with tips on how you can avoid these problems…:-)

Take 2 cups of any gluten free atta of your choice like buckwheat, bajra or jwar. If you want you can also try SWAD Gluten-free flour mix which I really like.

Add 2/3 cup boiled mashed potato (you can replace potato with boiled Arbi or boiled plantain too)


Make a very stiff dough along with some salt, red chilli pwdr, finely minced green chillies and chopped dhania. Add a sprinkle of warm water if needed.


Let the dough rest for 15-20 min minutes. Re-knead the dough for a couple of minutes.


Break into small balls


Roll each ball into round rotis.

If you like you can also roll between two plastic sheets.

Transfer to hot tawa.

Here I have used my clay tawa with tiny holes. Cooking on clay tawa, gives delicious rustic flavor and helps keep the rotis moist from inside, as they cook faster.

Cook roti till you see it puffing up slightly.

Then gently flip to cook other side…

Flip to see, if other side is cooked too.

Spread generously with desi ghee

And serve…with you fav sabzi!

Here you see me enjoying it topped with some jaggery and some extra ghee…Mmmm!

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